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Age 26

I had a very beneficial experience through my coaching session with Mr Ziad Moghrabi. His approach was so professional and that made me feel extremely comfortable and confident to share with him my thoughts about my career/life path. Hes such a good listener and he made me realize things that were in the back of my mind, but Id never said out loud. He was guiding me through my own thoughts and the conclusions I came up with are definitely going to help me take the decisions I needed. Im looking forward to having more sessions with Mr Ziad and I can call him my mentor from now on as hes inspiring me to discover myself!



Age 25

Great session! You basically start figuring things out on your own, guided by the questions asked by the instructor. Definitely recommended.



Age 29

Working with Ziad has been a wonderful experience. I really appreciate his highly structured and supportive coaching style that allowed me to relax and gain confidence in myself quickly. Ziad was a great listener and was able to help me uncover many things I didn't know about myself prior to taking this journey. His techniques helped me realize my potential, gain a sense of purpose and find a balance in my life. I highly recommend his coaching sessions if you are looking to explore your potential or simply feel stuck in a rut. Conversing and coaching with Ziad proved to be of immense importance to me as I decided to change careers and I will continue to explore and upscale with his help and guidance.

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