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Have you got a CV/Profile ready? Let’s spice it up! Do you want to get noticed more in a competitive market? Do you want your CV to fully reflect your true self? Well, you simply need an uplift! 

Let's work on your CV and LinkedIn makeover to make your profile stand out, using guaranteed techniques and expert practices to uplift your resume!

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Are you a fresh graduate? Are you aiming high, or just want to start over with your career? This one is for you! 

You might be new to the recruiting game and the business world, or have just landed in a new market and don’t know where or how to start applying for the right jobs. So, let’s start from scratch!


Here we help you draft your CV and Linkedin profile from scratch and build it up to best represent you, and kick off your job hunt. 

This is not just another CV drafting service! Here we build the CV together using practical and guaranteed practices, so you are 100% confident with it.

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Do you have a big interview coming up? Let’s get you A-Ready! 

This service is a favorite among many of my clients, and myself as well, as it is the most important part to land a job. My job is to provide you with the necessary tricks and techniques, and train you one-on-one to ace the interview. 

After this service, you will become well-versed with handling tough interview questions and mastering your body language, first impressions, and leaving a positive impact. Book now to schedule a session!

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Have you heard of CV tailoring before? Let’s guarantee getting you shortlisted! This is a unique service! 

Imagine you just found an opening for the job of your dreams, and thousands of applicants are already applying to it. You will need to tailor your CV to stand out, and in some cases, make sure that the shortlisting HR Artificial intelligence system will select your CV to be one of the few that reach the hiring manager or recruiter. 

This service will help you beat the AI systems using key words, and tailor your experience and skills to get your application shortlisted. This is a must nowadays!

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Stuck in your career? Having problems at work? Do you feel your HR department is useless or your manager is giving you a hard time? How happy are you with your career? Let’s talk!

This is a deeply personal question that only you have an honest answer for. The career coach service is all about you! 

Let's partner you up with an ICF Certified Transformative Coach, and unleash your potential. I will help you discover your ultimate dream and give you the tools to reach it. 

Coaching is not just advising you what to do; it's about stretching your capabilities and discovering what makes you genuinely happy.

Where & How to Start
Interview Ace
CV Tailoring
Career Coach



Do you think you are ready for the next step? If you are looking to boost your career or want to land that job you’ve been dreaming of, this package will help you look in the right direction and find the tools you need to promote yourself as ‘the perfect candidate’. 
Book now and let's start our journey together. 

Included in this package:

  • The Profile Uplift

  • The Interview Ace

  • 1 Hour Career Coaching Service

  • Bonus: How to ask your manager for a promotion or salary increase without seeming awkward


Whether you have just graduated or looking to dive into the business world, this service is dedicated to you, the fresh mind. 
This complete package will prepare you to kickstart your career, whether in the corporate world, fashion houses, freelancing, or wherever you find your passion. 

Included in this package:

  • The “Where & How To Start?”

  • The Interview Ace

  • 1 Hour Career Coaching Service

  • Bonus: The Career Guidance


Coaching is all about you, and about transforming your mindset to the best possible version. This package will guide you to unleash the power within you, and help find opportunities tailored for you. Are you ready to reveal the real power of the mind and start achieving short and long term goals? Let’s start your transformative journey together! 

Included in this package:

  • 8 sessions of transformative coaching

  • Bonus: 1 hour career consultation


Take package customization to the next level! Do it yourself by choosing 3 or more services, and benefit from up to 30% discount.


Book now and let's start our journey together. 

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